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Alpha Kappa Mu

Special Honor Stoles and Cords approved by the National to be worn for graduations at those institutions where permitted.





The Official Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Stole is made of a traditional white
honor cord draped around the back of the neck and down both sides of
the front.  They are joined together across the chest by a shallow "V"
panel of rich blue satin. Embroidered in the center is the Alpha Kappa
Mu key design, in bright gold and black detail.


The embroidery is beautifully detailed, using almost 9,000 stitches.






Visit the Honor Society of Alpha Kappa Mu at www.alphakappamu.org


Please Contact the Alpha Kappa Mu National Headquarters for Ordering:

Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Headquarters
Dr. Mollie M. Brown, National Executive Secretary-Treasurer
324 Enterprise Drive, Albany, GA 31705
Phone: (229) 432-5476  Fax: (229) 883-3097

Email: mbs03bs@mchsi.com

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